MDSolids 4.2

Provides introductory learning materials for engineering
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Learn the basic course of Mechanics of Materials by studying interactive examples of material and mechanical strength, deformation of solids, etc. The suite contains exercises and references for civil, mechanical, and aerospace engineering programs along with specific modules for Statics courses.

If you are interested in the field of applied mechanics, materials science and engineering, MDSolids is what you are looking for. It is a great program that allows you to understand the relationship between the mechanical behavior of materials and their structures. It contains documentation, examples of problems and animated learning tools about normal stress, direct shear stress, bearing stress, factors of safety, normal strain, axial deformation and material properties. Every item shows graphically the problem and its solution, including an introduction about the problem, the problem solving considerations, and the variables required for solving it. The best thing is that you can check how the result changes every time the variables values are modified. The documentation modules included are: stress, strain, beam, truss, torsion, flexure, column buckling, pressure vessel, and more. Finally, the animated learning tools show you step by step how to develop those kinds of problems. OS supported: Windows XP and Vista. The price described is for the Student version; check the buy URL for more details.

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  • You can change the variables values of problems in order to see their behavior


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